Max Group International

MGI Corporation Comprises More Than Half A Century Of Knowledge And Experience Devoted To Upgrade And Improve Iran’s Industry With Our Proficient Specialists Aiming Towards A Brighter Future.

We at MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL have set this as our mission: to provide Your project with high-quality Engineering, Management, and Services. We offer reliable management, heavy-duty & high-quality instruments, and sustainable solutions at competitive prices backed up by efficient customer service.


+98 21 45238

DR. Fatemi ave, Tehran, Iran

MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL offers special services for Oil & Gas, Power & Water Treatment, and Industrial projects, While aiming at growing its business relations based on mutual benefits.

MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL has a brilliant history of working on successful, substantial projects, in addition to conducting trustworthy business. MAX has a wide array of highly trained and reliable engineers, scientists, Project Managers, and Technicians focused on projects and collected to think of the best solutions. Using our experience, knowledge, and ambition, we will prove ourselves again and again.


1970’s – MAX’s main goal was set to be exportation and Importation of products in addition to designing industrial machinery.


1980’s – Corporation’s name was changed to MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL


1990’s – MAX began exporting/importing and procurement of laboratory and industrial instruments in fields such as Quality Control, Measurement, and Precision Measuring Tools.


2000’s – MAX signed agency agreements with more than 40 credible companies across the globe.


2010’s – MAX expanded its horizons by adding Laboratory, Hydrology, Industrial, Nano, and a few other departments to its arsenal. We continue to grow our offices and human resources



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