by Acculab


VICON Series

The balances in the VICON series from Acculab are distinguished by their excellent value for money. The VICON series offers resolutions up to 1 milligram and weighing capacities up to 10 kg, making it ideal for use in laboratories, education, training and in industry, as well as for special applications.

ECON Series

The ECON series offers more than just precise weighing results “on the move”. Thanks to their combination of compact, rugged housing, microprocessor control and high-performance weighing system, the precision balances in the ECON series give unbeatable value for money. With up to 4,000 scale intervals, ECON is the most economical series in its class. The compact design is both rugged and practical – perfect for everyday use. Its exclusive stackable housing makes it easy and convenient to safely store the production large numbers, for example in schoolroom applications.

acculab alc

ALC Series

The ALC series from Acculab offers excellent performance for even the most demanding users, and meets all the requirements for efficient workflow in today’s laboratory appli- cations. All ALC models are made with state-of-the-art technology to provide accuracy, repeatability and outstanding features at a remarkably affordable price. ALC balances are distin- guished by attractive design, compact housing and user-friendly operation. Whether it’s weighing precious metals, counting parts, or measuring chemicals and liquids Acculab ALC series is the right choice.

SVI Series

SVI models are ideal for use in industry andshipping.  With weighing capacities of up to 200 kg and two platform sizes, this series leaves nothing to be desired.  All models come with a remote display, making it easy to install the scale wherever it is needed.  The display is adjustable and has a backlit readout for optimum readability.  The RS-232 data interface is a standard feature and provides connectivity for a printer and a PC.

acculab svi


The POCKET-PRO series has been developed for portability, making these balances perfect for use in motion and on the road – especially when little space is available for complex equipment.  POCKET-PRO equipment features