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Water and wastewater treatment


  • Analytical instruments for measuring water and wastewater liquid and gas parameters in different type of online ,in-line, portable ,bench- top
  • Automatic distillation unit for measuring wastewater parameters
  • HPLC and GC-MASS and other high technology equipment



wastewater treatment plants treat the water that goes down our drains before discharging it back into the environment. Regardless of the efforts that are being made to install these plants worldwide, more is required. Water is one of our most important resources and it’s being squandered. There are multiple ways to treat wastewater, and the better the process, the higher the percentage that it can be reused before it gets dumped into the ocean.

The reuse of treated wastewater has become a viable option to minimising water scarcity problems. The world has a growing and developing population and as things stand right now, we’re on a downward slope in terms of water conservation. Having said this, with some smart thinking, wastewater treatment and some generous open mindedness (something previously almost unheard of from corporations) we can turn this around and make much needed changes all around the globe.







Max water & wastewater’s commitment to the industry and the relationship with our manufacturers allows us to be your single source provider for water & wastewater treatment instrumentation. We are committed to saving you time and money while increasing productivity in your water and wastewater treatment systems.



Max water&wastewater offers wastewater processing equipment to solve most municipal treatment needs. As a municipal wastewater equipment distributor, we carry industry-leading brands.












Clean, potable water is crucial for public health. Max water&wastewater work includes public water systems equipment specification, water system pump sizing, water system valve optimization for raw water systems, recycled water systems, drinking water treatment systems, grey water, instrumentation systems, and many others. As a  water equipment distributor, Carotek offers industry-leading manufacturers to ensure quality for your water system.







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