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MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL’s Laboratory department has more than four decades of experience and knowledge in procuring needed equipment & instruments for laboratories all around Iran.

MAX LABORATORY has signed agency contracts with many great and reliable companies from all around the world to offer only the best product available. Our goal at the MAX laboratory department is to utilize our education & experience to help you find the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment & Instrument regarding your needs.

MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL has been one of the main suppliers of laboratory and researching equipment for universities, research centers, Food & agriculture Industries, Water and Soil laboratories, and other related centers. With our experienced engineers and reliable support team, we will deliver you your share of updated technology and quality, so we can together take a step forward for a bright future for our kind.

In terms of Food Industry, over the years MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL has Provided numerous companies, laboratories and producers active in many different sub-categories such as Grain, Flour & Bread, Pasta, Cake, Biscuit & Cookies, Snacks, Chocolate & Candy, Drinks, Fructose, Dairy Products, Meat, and its products, Canned goods, Tomato Paste &… with Top Quality Equipment and instruments.

Using this equipment, we can calculate and measure many different properties of food products, test their production conditions, simulate their production process, and analyze their effects on the final product as well as qualitative and quantitative aspects of considered products.

All machinery provided by MAX is the product of the best brands worldwide which guarantees quality, durability, and high standards. We send our designated consultation experts to the applicant’s location to find the best solution, according to the applicant’s needs. We provide installation and operation training for all of our products.

MAX Tek - Max Energy

oil & gas

MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL operates upstream & downstream oil & gas related projects under two divisions: Max Tek & Max Energy.


meteorology - hydrology

MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL’s Hydrology & Meteorology department provides consultation, procurement & Technical Services regarding water, soil & air parameter measurement. Over the course of its two decades of activity, this department has had the precious chance to serve related governmental organizations and other clients.

Our target at MAX METEO-HYDRO is to provide our customers with equipment & solutions regarding surficial & underground water quality & quantity measurement both on-line and off-line.

Our equipment includes piezometer stations for qualitative & quantitative evaluation of underground water, permanent & Mobile stations for measuring current of rivers & Water Channels, and Coastal stations that record & send parameters such as tidal activities and chemical variables within sea water.

Climatology, short-term & long-term forecast of weather, Ground, Air & Water transportation & Crisis Management all are fields that require constant recording & sending of accurate data to management & research centers.

MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL provides such instruments for the following lines of work:

Synoptic scale meteorology, Climatology, Road weather forecasting, Air travel weather forecasting, High atmosphere, Marine weather forecasting, Air pollution monitoring, Meteorology Radars & Flood Warning.

Construction & Operation of Solar power plants & wind farms requires guided & extensive knowledge and studies to reach a comprehensive solution. MAX METEO-HYDRO will deliver your project of any size by providing you with the best possible solution.

MAX METEO-HYDRO specializes in Solar radiation qualitative & quantitative measurement, wind energy measurement stations, and Agrology.

MAX METEO-HYDRO’s Agrology section provides instruments & services dedicated to studying farming soil. These instruments & services help you measure variables such as temperature, soil humidity & other parameters that play important roles in growth & development of plants.

MAX Water & Wastewater

water & wastewater

MAX WATER and WASTEWATER department is ready to utilize its wide array of equipment & instruments, which all possess the highest quality and standards of today, to serve your needs.

Water and Wastewater Department specializes in consultation, procurement, after-sale services & holding seminars in collaboration with its foreigner counterparts in relevance to precision measuring tools, all sorts of water qualitative & quantitative evaluation and measurement instruments (online, offline & portable), all types of valves & their lateral parts, water & wastewater treatment packages, chemical injection & Disinfection systems, Desalination systems, aeration & diffusers, leak detection & pipe testing,  and other general or special water & wastewater treatment laboratory equipment.



We Humans as a species realize the true importance of a clean and healthy environment more and more every day. As civilizations grow and populations increase, industries follow as well. It’s a great challenge to keep our environment clean & healthy for the younger generations, while countless factories & vehicles continue to pollute our water & air.

MAX ENVIRONMENT department is proud to be a leader in taking these challenges head-on to create a better, cleaner tomorrow for the children.

MAX ENVIRONMENT procures the equipment & technology needed by research, educational & industrial centers that share our values and work for a brighter future.

Our ultimate goal at MAX ENVIRONMENT is to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology & instruments that facilitate the resolution of environmental degradation.

Our equipment & services include: general environmental laboratory equipment, flue gas stack momentarily monitoring, environmental pollution momentarily monitoring, portable environmental parameter measurement, Air sampling, Air particles measurement, Vibration measurement, noise & sound pollution measurement equipment.



MAX MINING department consists of talented, motivated & hard-working groups of experts who have relied on their knowledge and experience to claim outstanding achievements in the field of industrial mining over the years.

MAX MINING imports and utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and products from major global companies that elevate high standards. Our equipment & machinery have proved reliable & efficient in mines and mineral processing & steel factories.

This department has worked in partnership with many companies in the field of mining industry, product procurement & commerce.

Our equipment & services include mineral feeders, conveyors, classifiers, spirals, cyclones, screen thickeners & clarifiers, crushers, mills, gravity & magnetic separators, hydrocyclones, flotation devices, leaching equipment, ventilation fans, gas detectors & safety devices, Mining & drilling equipment, chamber cleaning equipment, portable analysis devices, wedge & bag lifting machines, Oil analysis systems, tunnel & rock mechanical equipment, mixers, pipes & pumps, and chemical compounds used in processing factories.




It is no secret that fast economic development relies on a well operated transportation system. That is why transportation is considered one of the fundamental principles of any given country’s foundation. Fast business requires fast transit and it is our honor to say that MAX TRANSPORTATION department has been a provider of the most reliable and efficient transit systems & machinery for decades.

MAX TRANSPORTATION dept. has delivered projects in road, rail, and air transportation fields and owns exclusive agencies of companies from Europe.

MAX TRANSPORTATION dept.’s long list of equipment & machinery includes:

Railway vehicles such as electric diesel & maneuver locomotives, cargo & passenger wagons, and subways.

Air transport equipment such as Helicopters, airport equipment & busses.

Road Vehicles, city busses, electric busses, derailment & deviation prevention equipment by Spanish company ARS, and selective plating equipment by French company DALIC for airplanes, ships & railway vehicles.


nano1 min

Considering the remarkable scientific developments & ever-changing material properties which get more elaborate and utilizable every day and the researches done in the field of atomic, molecular & macro-molecular sciences over the past years, MAX NANO-TECH department has established itself as one of the leaders in helping research centers & laboratories understand natural phenomena at a Nanometer-scale by providing the required equipment, instruments & machinery.

MAX NANO-TECH has conducted business with many governmental and private science institutions over its one-decade long course of service. This department provides procurement, installation, operation training & after-sale services of high-end analysis systems & electronic microscopes. Combined with our extensive roster of international experts & experienced Nano engineers, we have fulfilled projects in every field of work that utilizes Nano-tech; materials & metallurgy, Chemistry, Medicinal, Petrochemical, looming, and electronics to name a few.



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