We Humans as a species realize the true importance of a clean and healthy environment more and more every day. As civilizations grow and populations increase, industries follow as well. It’s a great challenge to keep our environment clean & healthy for the younger generations, while countless factories & vehicles continue to pollute our water & air.

MAX ENVIRONMENT department is proud to be a leader in taking these challenges head-on to create a better, cleaner tomorrow for the children.

MAX ENVIRONMENT procures the equipment & technology needed by research, educational & industrial centers that share our values and work for a brighter future.

Our ultimate goal at MAX ENVIRONMENT is to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology & instruments that facilitate the resolution of environmental degradation.

Our equipment & services include: general environmental laboratory equipment, flue gas stack momentarily monitoring, environmental pollution momentarily monitoring, portable environmental parameter measurement, Air sampling, Air particles measurement, Vibration measurement, noise & sound pollution measurement equipment.