MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL’s Hydrology & Meteorology department provides consultation, procurement & Technical Services regarding water, soil & air parameter measurement. Over the course of its two decades of activity, this department has had the precious chance to serve related governmental organizations and other clients.

Our target at MAX METEO-HYDRO is to provide our customers with equipment & solutions regarding surficial & underground water quality & quantity measurement both on-line and off-line.

Our equipment includes piezometer stations for qualitative & quantitative evaluation of underground water, permanent & Mobile stations for measuring current of rivers & Water Channels, and Coastal stations that record & send parameters such as tidal activities and chemical variables within sea water.

Climatology, short-term & long-term forecast of weather, Ground, Air & Water transportation & Crisis Management all are fields that require constant recording & sending of accurate data to management & research centers.

MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL provides such instruments for the following lines of work:

Synoptic scale meteorology, Climatology, Road weather forecasting, Air travel weather forecasting, High atmosphere, Marine weather forecasting, Air pollution monitoring, Meteorology Radars & Flood Warning.

Construction & Operation of Solar power plants & wind farms requires guided & extensive knowledge and studies to reach a comprehensive solution. MAX METEO-HYDRO will deliver your project of any size by providing you with the best possible solution.

MAX METEO-HYDRO specializes in Solar radiation qualitative & quantitative measurement, wind energy measurement stations, and Agrology.

MAX METEO-HYDRO’s Agrology section provides instruments & services dedicated to studying farming soil. These instruments & services help you measure variables such as temperature, soil humidity & other parameters that play important roles in growth & development of plants.

Our instruments include:

Sensors, wind direction & velocity sensors (electronic & mechanical), Air & Liquid Pressure sensors, air temperature & humidity sensors, radiation measurement sensors, precipitation type & value sensors, horizontal sight & air assessment sensors, water & soil temperature sensors, water & air quality evaluation sensors, water level sensors, Radiosonde & weather balloons, Road condition sensors, water current velocity measurement sensors, data loggers, telemetry equipment such as cellular, radio & satellite modems, radars & remote sensing equipment, lateral equipment such as tower, panel, fence &…, data gathering & monitoring softwares.