Max Group International


MAX MINING department consists of talented, motivated & hard-working groups of experts who have relied on their knowledge and experience to claim outstanding achievements in the field of industrial mining over the years.

MAX MINING imports and utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and products from major global companies that elevate high standards. Our equipment & machinery have proved reliable & efficient in mines and mineral processing & steel factories.

MAX MINING has worked in partnership with many companies in the field of mining industry, product procurement & commerce.

Our equipment & services include mineral feeders, conveyors, classifiers, spirals, cyclones, screen thickeners & clarifiers, crushers, mills, gravity & magnetic separators, hydrocyclones, flotation devices, leaching equipment, ventilation fans, gas detectors & safety devices, Mining & drilling equipment, chamber cleaning equipment, portable analysis devices, wedge & bag lifting machines, Oil analysis systems, tunnel & rock mechanical equipment, mixers, pipes & pumps, and chemical compounds used in processing factories.

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