Max Group International


Considering the remarkable scientific developments & ever-changing material properties which get more elaborate and utilizable every day and the researches done in the field of atomic, molecular & macro-molecular sciences over the past years, MAX NANO-TECH department has established itself as one of the leaders in helping research centers & laboratories understand natural phenomena at a Nanometer-scale by providing the required equipment, instruments & machinery.

MAX NANO-TECH has conducted business with many governmental and private science institutions over its one decade of service.

MAX NANO-TECH provides procurement, installation, operation training & after-sale services of high-end analysis systems & electronic microscopes. Combined with our extensive roster of international experts & experienced Nano engineers, we have fulfilled projects in every field of work that utilizes Nano-tech; materials & metallurgy, Chemistry, Medicinal, Petrochemical, looming, and electronics to name a few.

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