Max Group International


It is no secret that fast economic development relies on a well operated transportation system. That is why transportation is considered one of the fundamental principles of any given country’s foundation. Fast business requires fast transit and it is our honor to say that MAX TRANSPORTATION department has been a provider of the most reliable and efficient transit systems & machinery for decades.

MAX TRANSPORTATION dept. has delivered projects in road, rail, and air transportation fields and owns exclusive agencies of companies from Europe.

MAX TRANSPORTATION dept.’s long list of equipment & machinery includes:

Railway vehicles such as electric diesel & maneuver locomotives, cargo & passenger wagons, and subways.

Air transport equipment such as Helicopters, airport equipment & busses.

Road Vehicles, city busses, electric busses, derailment & deviation prevention equipment by Spanish company ARS, and selective plating equipment by French company DALIC for airplanes, ships & railway vehicles.

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