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MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL Has A Bright History Of Conducting successful, Trustworthy Business As Well As More Than 50 Years Of Efficient and Reliable Importation & Exportation Of Laboratory Equipment And Industrial Machinery.

MAX GROUP INTERNATIONAL operates nine specialized divisions – each of which employs only professionals who are at the top of their respective fields of work.

We value professionalism, honesty and hard work;
and it is adhering to these values that have brought us closer and closer to our goals every day.

Max Group International offers specialized solutions and procures top quality instruments & equipment in the fields of laboratory analysis, food & agriculture analysis, upstream/downstream oil & gas, hydrology & meteorology station equipment, nano-tech, water treatment, renewable energy, transportation, and mining.

We value honesty, efficiency and hard work.

our mission is to provide Your project with high-quality Engineering, Management, and Services. We offer reliable managementheavy-duty high-quality instruments, and sustainable solutions at competitive prices backed up by efficient customer service.

As a solution provider, our services to clients comprehensively handles the project needs of client from concept to implementation, and from idea to full operation.

This process covers reviewing client’s existing infrastructure, evaluating their needs, specifying the mix of hardware and software required to meet the exact project goals, proposing the best solution, and only then to final installation, and of course the process is continued with after sales services and regular backups and maintenance.



phone 1PHONE: +98 21 45238

fAX: +98 21 88991945


location Tehran, Iran