MAX Laboratory department has more than four decades of experience and knowledge in procuring needed equipment & instruments for laboratories all around Iran.

MAX LABORATORY has signed agency contracts with many great and reliable companies from all around the world to offer only the best product available. Our goal at the MAX laboratory department is to utilize our education & experience to help you find the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment & Instrument regarding your needs.

This department been one of the main suppliers of laboratory and researching equipment for universities, research centers, Food & agriculture Industries, Water and Soil laboratories, and other related centers. With our experienced engineers and reliable support team, we will deliver you your share of updated technology and quality, so we can together take a step forward for a bright future for our kind.

Fields of work

General Laboratory
Food Industries
Water & Wastewater
Rubber Testing
Civil Engineering
Oil & Petroleum
Testing Instruments
Pollution Control
Industrial Machinery
Gas Analysis

Max Group International